Maurice River Bluffs

Maurice River Bluffs

Hubby and I went hiking along the Maurice River in Cumberland County, New Jersey on this gorgeous fall-like day.

We stumbled upon an old abandoned house of stone. A vulture watched us closely….

Beach and old dock posts

Tall skinny pines. Millville is located at the southern tip of the Pine Barrens.

Peace and beauty in nature.


Tax March Philly April 15, 2017

Today me and my favorite peeps (Dad, hubby and niece) exercised our 1st amendment rights marchingĀ on the streets of Philly to hold our so-called president accountable. He works for WE THE PEOPLE now and we DEMAND to see his tax returns. If he’s got nothing to hide why not show us then? After all he did state on camera that he would! but we all know the real reason he won’t. #liar #cheat #fraud #traitor #corrupt