Maurice River Bluffs

Maurice River Bluffs

Hubby and I went hiking along the Maurice River in Cumberland County, New Jersey on this gorgeous fall-like day.

We stumbled upon an old abandoned house of stone. A vulture watched us closely….

Beach and old dock posts

Tall skinny pines. Millville is located at the southern tip of the Pine Barrens.

Peace and beauty in nature.


Our house is just a little house but God knows where we live

That saying is on a little plaque given to me by Grandmom and it’s so fitting. We are happily settling down (finally!!??) in our cute, little home, and God-willing, our forever home, after moving so many times over the past few years. And just in time for spring and planting flowers, herbs, and of course GOURDS! Hope we get a good crop like we had down in North Carolina. At least living in rural south Jersey feels like living down south, but we’re still in my beloved state of New Jersey!

My little gourd patch

My little gourd patch





Garden pathway

Garden pathway

Our backyard friends, the house finch

Our backyard friends, the house finch

Moving on

Ju Ju Beans and Jenny at the chicken pen

Well it looks like our time here in North Carolina has come to an end.  Rocky and I are moving back to New Joisey to begin a new chapter in our lives!  We are so excited but of course it will be a bittersweet goodbye.  I know cousin Mark will take good care of the homestead but we will miss living on this beautiful property and all our critters and of course my cousins!

Driveway next to the house

The biggest reason we’re moving is to be closer to our families.  I think Rocky could live anywhere in the world but my heart remains tied to South Jersey where I grew up.  I always feel torn between New Jersey and North Carolina but we can always visit down south once or twice a year until we decide what to do with the house.

The challenge now will be can we maintain our “sweet, simple life” up there amidst all the hustle and bustle but I think we can and it’ll be worth it because most importantly we’ll be closer to our families.  Of course, I can’t wait to see the beach and all of my favorite spots like Batsto Village, the Wildlife Refuge and Cape May!  New Jersey here we come!

Brigantine National Wildlife Refuge

Home for the Holidays

First of all, Happy Birthday to Jesus! and Merry Christmas to all my friends and family. I wish we could be up north right now with our friends and family in New Jersey and Philadelphia but we had to stay in North Carolina because of work, which is not a bad thing. Thank God we have jobs.

But this past week has been really tough for me. I’ve been so homesick, missing everyone and everything from our old home. I miss seeing the Atlantic City skyline and the smell of Absecon Creek down the street from mom’s house.

Atlantic City Skyline from Brigantine Wildlife Refuge Galloway, NJ

I miss seeing Grandmom and Grandpop and all my dad’s family at the annual Weisbecker Christmas get-together. I’m sad for Rocky because he’s missing the Christmas Eve fish dinner at his brother’s and hanging out with his family. I miss crossing over the Walt Whitman bridge to see my in-laws in Philly. I miss everything and everyone up north. Needless to say I haven’t been the most fun person to be around this week LOL.

Blue Ridge Mountains

We’ve only been living in North Carolina five months now and I know that’s not long at all. It takes time to get used to new surroundings and people. It seems to be so much easier for Rocky, but then he’s just such a happy-go-lucky kind of person. And what do I have to be so sad about? My new home is such a beautiful one, a beautiful house, property and surroundings with lots of animal friends.  Just down the street you can see the Blue Ridge mountains in the distance and Crowders Mountain and Kings Mountain are only a few miles down the road. The cost of living is lower here and is one of the main reasons we moved back down here. Most of my mother’s family lives around me and I have made a couple new friends. But it’s still not the same. If home is where the heart is, 1/2 of my heart is still in New Jersey.

This past week all I’ve thought about is my old home in South Jersey. Most of my friends on Facebook live up there and when I read their posts talking about things going on there it just makes me more sad. I kept thinking of the song by Hank Williams Sr. “I’m so lonesome I could cry” and in my mind changed the word “lonesome” for “homesick.”

But that’s enough feeling sorry for myself! Things change and life goes on. Me and Rocky are creating a new life together down here. And it’s not like we won’t ever see or talk to our friends and family again. It just can’t be any time we want. We have to plan it and save money for the trip. I guess we all have to sacrifice something… and time is the healer of all wounds.

Maybe one day all or most of my heart will be here in North Carolina. And when we say we’ll be “home for the holidays” that will mean staying here in good ol’ Dallas, North Carolina. :)

Okie dokie, my first post

well this is cool. not really, I can’t sleep and hubby is snoring as usual. ahh the life of a newlywed is not so rosy after all. but it is life and it is good. I guess my first post can be me bragging about how much in love we are. and I hope it lasts a long, long time. well maybe I’ll save the bragging for another day.

But how I got here is this, I registered on wordpress by accident, was trying to comment on someone else’s page and I had to register and now here I am typing my own nonsense, not saying the other person’s page was nonsense because it was not! anyway, I think this could be a good outlet for me. I just wanna share some of my thoughts and maybe I’ll help somebody out there, somehow along the way, like the woman did for me as I read her blog. and we’ll see how this blog transforms itself as I add things down the road.

As far as the name I picked, “Seeking Peace and Simplicity” well, I guess it’s pretty self explanatory because it is what I seek on a daily basis through #1 GOD, prayer and meditation and in my work, my relationships, and my home here in Dallas, NC which I love by the way and I will get into that. Except for feeling homesick now and then, living here in the south is a MUCH more simpler way of life and back to the basics and just beautiful compared to living in New Jersey. However, I do miss South Jersey, especially the shore, not to mention family and friends…and of course my new family in Philly! kinda sucks, we get married and 2 weeks later we moved down here, so I only get to know my in-laws via Facebook and phone. and that’s okay, too.  but I sure can’t wait to visit…

well, I never thought I’d be blogging but anyway, here’s to a new blog out there!